Add Bling to Your Wardrobe with Sequin Sarees

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Add Bling to Your Wardrobe with Sequin Sarees

Sequins keep coming back to fashion. They are a sort of embellishment that is used to adorn fabrics for visual and ornamental purposes. Sequins can be small cylindrical or round beads or flat glittering disc-like beads. They come in a broad variety of colors and shapes. Many aren’t aware of this but the word ‘sequin’ comes from the Arabic word ‘sikka’ which can be translated into coin.

Sequin art was primarily used in Arabic countries to adorn the veils and the gear men and women wore on their heads. This indicated their high status and massive wealth. As time passed, sequin embroidery made its way to the other parts of the world and amassed huge popularity for all sorts of clothing, especially sarees, dresses, gowns, and lehengas. In India, many designers use sequin saree work to embellish their designer collection and many celebrities grace magazine covers and ramps in these sequin sarees and lehengas.

Styling your outfits with sequin embroidery

Sequins are used in a variety of clothes like evening gowns, lehengas, sarees, salwar kurta, tops, and even jeans and skirts! While many shy away from wearing sequins, this type of style is not flashy or gaudy.

Sequins can also be used subtly to bring out the beauty of the overall design of the fabric. Indian designers often make use of sequin saree work that is scattered across or along the edge of the sarees, concentrating on the pallu. Overall sequin saree work also looks stylish as well as stunning along with the partial saree work in sequins.

While sequins can be concentrated in a single area, embroidered into eye-catching designs and motifs of flowers, peacocks, trees, etc. sometimes, designers also create much simpler designs in geometric shapes like triangles, or simply lines of sequins to add spark to the saree.

Most famous choices in sequined sarees

You would have seen many Bollywood actresses wearing black sequin saree or even a red sequin saree at an event or on a magazine cover. Some colors when it comes to sequin sarees are more popular than others. Moreover, sequins are embroidered onto the stronger fabrics that can manage the weight of the beads. Nevertheless, different types of beads are available which can be embroidered onto lighter fabrics as they are lighter in nature and much easier to handle too.

The sequin lace fabric is among the most coveted choices by the rich and middle class alike. Whether going for a wedding or simply celebrating a party at the office, sequin lace fabric saree has won hearts all across the country. Lace sequin sarees are frequently layered over silk, satin or nylon, or net fabric to give it depth and volume.

What colors look the best?

While black, golden, turquoise, etc. are the classic choice, you can try more options. No need to go for a heavily embellished saree to leave an impeccable impression. Just try silver or a peach colored sequined saree and see how it turns heads at any event! If you wear a lot of jewelry and are in the mood of trying something minimal then try a red sequin saree or silver sequin saree.  A midnight blue sequin saree would also look heavenly on women of all shapes and sizes.

Sequin Saree Price: The cost

Sequin sarees aren’t a new trend but they sure keep coming back to fashion and occupy the latest trend. Many celebrities have already donned sequin-work sarees to major events like award function shows. While you may not have an award function to attend, you can definitely wear a peach or golden sequin saree in any other colored saree at a wedding or an event at home or office.

Since sequin sarees are intricately woven through modern means, the cost is high. But there are a lot of markets where you can get your hands on the most fashionable sequined saree at a budget-friendly rate. Chandni Chowk is especially famous for its lehenga and saree shops so you will find a variety of sequined sarees there at an economical rate.

You can purchase a sequin saree online too as many traders have an individual online store or you can simply visit an e-commerce store and look for sequined sarees.

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