Optimum Nutrition ON Serious Mass 6 lbs Chocolate.

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Optimum Nutrition ON Serious Mass 6 lbs Chocolate.

Optimum Nutrition ON Serious Mass 6 lbs Chocolate:

Our country India ranks third in terms of obese people. While some individuals find it hard to gain weight. They try almost all diets and methods to gain weight still, they don’t reach their goal. To meet the requirements of such people ON the most trusted brand has devised a product, which helps in meeting the requirement of the people.

Product description

 If you are really serious about your weight gain but you are not being able to reach the goal, then the product optimum nutrition serious mass is just meant for you. People who need extra calories to gain weight but have a hard time consuming enough of the calories can rely on the product. For many attaining that bigger size becomes a task. The reason behind this difficulty is that a highly active metabolism, weaker appetite and busy lifestyle make the task even much difficult. It is not possible to gain the right nutrition from food due to extra use of fertilizers. So to meet the requirements optimum nutrition is crafted from world’s best ingredients, to help people who are seriously facing issue with weight gain.

 Product information

Ä   The product is a non-vegetarian product.

Ä  The product is available in the chocolate flavour.

Ä  You get 1250 calories from this product.

Ä  The product is composed of 50 grams of blended protein.

Ä  The supplement has over 250 grams of carbohydrate without adding any sugar.

Ä  Creatine, glutamine and glutamic acid form the component of the product.

Ä  The product also has 25 vitamins and essential minerals to speed up the process of mass gain.
There are other flavours also available in the market such as vanilla, banana, chocolate peanut butter and strawberry.


 Maltodextrin, protein blend, egg albumin, sweet diary whey, cocoa, natural and artificial flavours, vitamin and mineral blend, biotin, riboflavin, calcium citrate, ascorbic acid, Inositol, folic acid, thiamine, lecithin, calcium, pantothenic acid, choline, vitamin B12, Acesulfame potassium, potassium iodide, calcium caseinate, creatine monohydrate, beta carotene etc.

How does a supplement work for your body?

If you are tired of using products, making goals and want to get the results, then you should give a final call to the ON’s mass gainer product. The product is going to bid goodbye to all your worries. In this competitive and business culture environment looking good is very important and if you are underweight then you don’t get the same value as your colleague is getting importance. Some people face problems related to being thin despite eating a lot of food at proper timings. So have you ever realised what could be the possible reason? The simple reason is we don’t get nutrition from the food, so what mass gainers can help people to cope-up with this problem. There are many brands available in the market but the world’s number one sports product making company is ON, which is helping athletes and non-athletes as well to deal with the problem of weight gain. On every serving, you get 1250 calories when the product is mixed with water. If the product is blended with the milk then it gives 1640 calories of energy in every serving. Not only has this, along with 1250 calories, 50 grams protein per serving offered a great scope for weight gain.


*  Helps in gaining weight along with muscle gain.

*  Helps in providing eye care, cardiac care, sleep disorders, joint care.

*  The product aids in providing vitamin supplements.

*  Improves the metabolism of the person.

* The product is rich in vitamin, minerals and many other components hence aid in improving the overall health of the person.

How to use the product

 As such, there is no restriction in using this product. You can use the product in between meals, post workout and pre workout. And you need to take the supplement before bed to maximize the results.

You can mix the product with water or milk to get the effective results.


1. Is the product used pre-workout or post-workout?

Ans. First of all, it is a dietary supplement. This means that you can take the product in between the meals and after the workout as well. A good diet and any workout are must with this supplement to see the results, otherwise, the product takes time to show effective results.

2. Can this product be used by a vegetarian?

Ans. No, the product contains non-vegetarian content so it can’t be used by the vegetarian people.

3. Does the product help in weight gain?

Ans. Yes, the product helps in weight gain.

4. Can we use the product on a routine basis without workout?

Ans. No, then you will not get any results. You have to strictly combine exercise with the supplement to get maximum results.

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