A True Story of Acne Treatment

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A True Story of Acne Treatment

Treating acne is a long and hard process. Especially when you use drugs to treat acne you have to be extremely careful and use them correctly. Otherwise drugs can be harmful for your heath. This is a real-life story of successful acne treatment using drugs.

Struggles with Acne

Acne had been a disaster for Julie Harper since she was a teenager. She didn’t leave her house without tons of cosmetics on her face that was intended to cover all the red nasty pimples. Also she had to hide her entire neck with her long hair. Her friends advised her to change her diet and eat more healthy food instead of burgers and fries, but this didn’t help. She tried many different lotions, cremes and even medications to fight acne, including very expensive ones, but again there was no result.
Julie’s problem got reflected in her professional career and she became as assistant professor in the field of dermatology and general healthcare. Now she works at the University of Alabama-Birmingham and helps other people developing solutions for acne treatment.

A Working Remedy for Acne

After countless attempts to treat acne Julie had finally found an effective solution that helped her and made her face clean. She was 22 when she discovered a working remedy for acne. It was Accutane – a common brand name for the drug Isotretinoin. Julie was taking Accutane for 3 months before she saw an improvement. But when her skin became healthy and smooth she admits that this has increased her self-esteem and boosted her self confidence. After solving her problem Julie decided to help other people with the same condition.
Accutane is a very efficient medication that helps in 85% of cases regardless the severity of the problem. For the time being it is one of the best remedies for acne. Some people may need to run more than one course of Accutane to get rid of acne. But this must be done only under your doctor’s supervision. It is a strong medication and if not used correctly can make the situation even worse. Visit your dermatologist if you are thinking of taking Accutane. He will give you a right dosage for your particular case. Julie Harper’s story of treating acne shows us that it is possible to fight it and get a healthy looking and clean face. But remember that the drug will be beneficial only when you follow all your doctor’s instructions. So never try to buy Accutane and use it without telling your doctor, as it can be dangerous for your health.

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